how it should be, don’t you mother?
GrandMa: I know but now that I am still around, should be able to help when and where I can. I don’t have too many things putting pressure on my finances. I thank God that business has not been bad. If I cannot help here and there of what use would that be to me? It is my joy, to see these little ones growing up before me healthy. You are not asking me for help, I am offering it of my own free will. I know that you and Peter may be able to handle things but l will always be glad to be of help. Things will be all right some day; you people are just starting off in life and you have a long way ahead.
Angela: [Kneels on one knee and places both hands tenderly on Grand Ma’s lap] Oh, mother, I appreciate your kindness and cannot thank you enough. If we need that type of help you know I would surely come. She is very well now as you can see. If she was not mending I would have brought her.
Grand Ma: All right. I can see that she is fine. You say  Peter is fine?
Angela: Yes, very fine. He has an urgent job on hand. He will come and see you immediately after he has finished them. What about Kume? Has he been visiting from school?
Grand Ma: Yes. But on his last visit a month ago he informed me that he would not be visiting as regularly because of an important examination. He said that
they would be sitting for their Third MD examination. Angela: [Laughs] Mother, is called Third MB. It is a very important examination for medical students. Grand Ma: [Laughs] Well, that is what I thought he called it. He also took money for that thing they hang on their necks. .
Angela: Stethoscope. And you say that there isn’t much putting pressure on your finances.
Grand Ma: He does not bother much. Besides I could afford that for him. [Digresses] I have a new soup at home. We shall soon be going to the house. I will instruct Hilda on what to do. She is quite good. As soon as Bon comes we will leave; I sent him to take goods to some of my customers who placed orders yesterday. Angela: Who IS Bon?
Grand Ma: The new driver I employed to drive the bus. I told you about him last time you came.
Angela: What about the car?
Grand Ma: John has gone.
Angela: Ah John! But he was such a good boy! Grand Ma: Yes, no one can take that away from him. [Explains] He got a better job somewhere else and since I could not pay him what they were offering him,
I encouraged him to go.
Angela: Why did you not try to persuade him to stay? Grand Ma: I did not persuade him to stay. I knew he Was the best driver I ever had but I did not want to keep him from better opportunities. He is a young man and he has to be encouraged to deveIOp himself. So I use the bus now. All I do every morning is warm the car and use the bus.
Angela: By yourself?
Grand Ma: No, Bon warms it every morning for me When he arrives for work. Angela: How good is he?
Grand Ma: Bon is new and I am still trying him out. I employed him forthe bus and not the car. He drives it for me some times though. [Changes the subject] Sabena how is your teacher friend?
Sabena: Aunty Carol. She is fine. She came to our house.
Grand Ma: She did? When?
Sabena: When I was ill she came to see me and she bought milk and sugar and a tin of Bornvita for me. Grand Ma: You don’t mean it! She is such a good
friend! Angela: It is true. She loves her so much. In fact. I
have never seen people so endearing to each other, teacher and pupil. She has a special liking for Sabena and Sabena loves her so much. Immediately she woke up from sleep and showed signs of recovery from her illness, the first name on her lips was Aunty Carol. .
Grand Ma: Is that so? Oh, but it was very kind of her to visit and even bought her all those things she said. Angela: Yes, it was very kind of her.
Grand Ma: So Sabena, why did you not bring some to Grand Ma?
Sabena: I will bring some to you. [Spreads both hands in demonstration] I will bring plenty for you. Grand Ma: Yes my daughter; and I will drink and drink and drink.
Sabena: [Nods emphatically] Yes!
Angela: [Interjects] Mother, what soup did you say that you cooked?
Grand Ma: Vegetable soup. I cooked it just yesterday. There was no one around to share it with me so I just put it away in the refrigerator. It is hard to begin to live alone after having a house full of people. Everyone is grown and scattered and your father decided to leave me so early.
Angela: I understand. That is why you keep accusing us of not visiting you the very next day after a visit. If it
Were in his power, father would still be living today But what about the house help you talked about the other day, when is she coming? At least she would be a company if she is good.
Grand Ma: [Chuckles nostalgically] i am sure that you understand what I am saying. She should be brought next month. I am looking forward to her arrival. She should be a company. At least that would be better than living all alone. These brief visits only make me feel lonelier thereafter;
Angela: So, should we all come and live with you? Grand Ma: How I wish that would happen.
Angela: Mother, it will be all right. We will visit you
more often. Everybody will.
Sabena: Grand Ma, i wil visit you.
Grand Ma: Oh thank you my daughter.
The driver arrives and makes to park the bus in the parking lot behind the building.
Grand Ma: [Moves to the door and signals to the driver] Bon, park right in front-of the shop! We are leaving soon!
The driver parks the bus and walks into the shop. Driver: Good afternoon Ma. [ To Angela] Welcome madam. [Angela nods, regarding him strangely]. Grand Ma: How did it go? Did you meet them? Driver: Yes Ma. I met both of them and delivered the

To be continued

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