Nigerian sensational songbird and SMG leading vocalist, Teni has emerged with a brand new studio record which she termed, “Maitama.”

Nigerian musician Mayorkun is joined by South African performers Costa Titch and Ch’cco on the catchy tune “Maitama.” Teni, a female vocalist from Nigeria, releases a new track this time, and her catchy sound will stay in our heads for a while.

The single has a strong mood and is an ideal sound that will get you rocking yourself at the dance stage. Teni is in this for the long haul and has her usual music producer JaySynth on the production payroll. Teni takes over following her earlier single “troubles ” and delivers legendry and little (Love I Love) twice before her future album is released.

Moreover, Teni seems to have a habit of capping off the year in great manner as she anticipates what 2023 would bring. She is one of a kind and her ambition is so clear for people to take notes of. Mayorkun, Costa Titch, Ch’cco and Teni all had a wonderful studio session. Lastly, to the north of the heart of Abuja comes the green Maitama district. One of Nigeria’s most desirable districts, it is well developed and home to many of the richest people in the nation.


Oh oh Orimi wu,

Oh Oh Oh Orimi wu

Jaysynth… Give them the fire

Eh eh eh eh eh eh ah

Eh eh eh eh eh eh

Eh eh eh eh eh eh ah

Don’t know where I’m going but all I know is

I’m going somewhere, I’m going somewhere

Don’t know where I’m going but it’s going, it’s gone

I’m going somewhere, so gone

I’m going somewhere

Whether nah Instabul abi nah Cape Town

Small time I enter Maitama

Whether nah Atlanta to collect my papers

Small time I enter Maitama

Olala wena

Oh oh Orimi wu, owo mi loke

Oh oh oh Orimi wu

Onana nana wena

Oh oh Orimi wu, owo owo mi loke

Oh oh oh Orimi wu

Quality that’s my niggah

E fowo bamije

Won fi dollar bamije

Won fowo ponmile

Won tun fi Naira bamije

Mama so mi dAtinuke

Mo tun wo ileke

Ibi made made

Anita ko ma jogede

I’m going somewhere, where

I’m going somewhere, where

But if I give what is ceaser’s to ceaser

Ki la won padi mi ma fima biza

Enemies all around them a linger

Ah ah oh no

Teni kili kili my jigga

Say who got the keys to my Beamer

Serve me breakfast just before dinner

Ahh ah ah oh no

Oh Oh Orimi wu, owo mi loke

Oh Oh Orimi wu, Maitama

Onanana wena

Oh oh Orimi wu, owo mi loke

Oh oh Orimi wu

And I know life don’t make no sense

You only gat one shot, one chance

Gotta get the bag, and I blow it on the Benz

I only gat God, family and my friends

I need no pressure, make diamonds

Now my wrist look weight, too timeless

And my Monalisa, the finest

Cuz where I’m heading, the highest

I wanna be a baller

Charge a hundred thou’ for a photo

Call on me downfall, nna nka se sek’

Made it this far ka Psalm

The pressure is getting worser and worser

(The pressure is getting worse)

Tshokolo nna nka se lebale

Mamazala o tlaga

A sotleha, nou mfana’e ke laas

(Nou mfana’e ke)

Better make 2-step don’t come at me

(Better make, better make 2-step)

My energy

Far from cheap

I’m a G

I’m a King


Oh oh Orimi wu, owo mi loke

Oh oh oh Orimi wu

Onana nana wena

Oh oh Orimi wu, owo owo mi loke

Oh oh oh Orimi wu




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